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Hot-Stamping (Single) Unit

1st Optional: Independent Hot-stamping unit in the machine
2nd Optional: Simple hot-stamping unit in the printing unit
The hot-stamping function is to harmony with customer's foil need is increase and to prove it's convenient and it's utility.

Independent Hot Stamping Unit

Machine Model PLNCT170 PL-250 PL-300
Hot-Stamping Width 170mm 250mm 300mm
Max Hot-Stamping Size 170mm x 140mm 250mm x 130mm 300mm x 270mm

Hot-Stamping (Simple)

Machine Model PLNCT-170
Hot-Stamping Width 170mm
Max Hot-Stamping Size 170mm x 80mm

Punching Unit

This punch unit can special design for the each customer's product.

UV Dryer

PLNCT-type UV dryer can be supplied inn two ways. One way is fixed on the machine and the other is a movable type, this design is to suit the client's special requirements.