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Link Label's rotary / semi-rotary (intermittent) letterpress label printing machine consists of 2 series:
LLR-360 Type: This model has individual servo motor driven printing units with servo control.


  • No need to have many different sizes of printing cylinders.
  • Preparations time is short and to change for the next job only takes 15 min to start another production, thus also reducing the material loss to minimum.
  • Machine is easy to operate and use the HMI (Human Interface) touch panel to switch with 3 kind of process type (full-rotary / semi-rotary / 2nd pass).
  • Automatic lubricating system.
  • These machines are designed for 24/7 production with very stable printing performance and low need of consumables.
  • Our unique patented cylinder design allows one time take off all cylinders from the unit.
  • The cleaning system allows you to change the printing color without the need to install the wash blade.
  • The operator only needs to whirl the blade on the roller, which makes changing the color simple and faster.

The intermittent (semi-rotary) label printing machine allows a high flexibility in your production process. If the printing size allows full rotary printing (see specifications below) you will run at maximum speed. In case the printing dimension is smaller (see specifications below) you just need to select intermittent feeding on the HMI panel (Human interface), the program will auto calculate and, depending on the type of web-material, it's printing speed can reach up to 200 ~ 300 RPM/min. When the required printing size reaches the full rotary size, the processing mode will have to be switched to full rotary, and machine can run with the high speed.


Model LLR-360
Printing Plate Resin letterpress plate
Thickness 0.95mm
Shore hardness 55° ~ 65°
Number of Printing Units 2 ~ 8 colors
Max. Printing Area 1. Full Rotary 350mm x 310mm
2. Intermittent 350mm x 384.1mm
Printing Speed 1. Full Rotary 96m/min
2. Intermittent 160mm run 300 rpm
3. 2nd pass 30 ~ 200mm / 130min
Paper Width 50mm ~ 370mm
Max Reel Paper Diameter 3"
Core Diameter 75mm-76mm (3")
Drying Ways UV dryer