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Picture of Rewinder for Model No VR-270/HR-300/HR-400

Rewinder: VR-270/HR-300/HR-400

Link Label rewinder have two main series:
1. Vertical rewinder- In-line width's flat bed type Label printing machine. VR-270
2. Horizontal rewinder In-line with the intermittent / full rotary type of machine, Flat bed type of label printing machine and hot-stamping and die-cut special machine. RH-300/400
Vertical rewinder has clock and anti-clock turn function can be operate.
Horizontal rewinder has optional:
1. Lamination function
2. Wastage material rewind shaft can choose


Machine Model VR-270 HR-300 HR-400
Max. Sheeting Width 300mm 500mm 500mm
Max. Rewind Width 300mm 300mm 400mm
Inner Diameter of Paper Roll 75mm ~ 76mm 75mm ~ 76mm 75mm ~ 76mm