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Picture of Slitter Rewinder for Model No AS-320

Slitter Rewinder Series

Link Label slitter-rewinders have two main series
Independent slitter rewinder AS-320
In-line with the intermittent / full rotary type of machine, flat bed type of Label printing machine and hot-stamping and die-cut special machine SR-300 / 400

AS-320 Auto Slitter Machine

Independently working machine
Paper slitting with smooth speed and adjustable left and right side while slitting
Speed is adjustable by PC board control
Equipped with length and sheet amount sensors
Machine will stop automatically when the set amount is reached
The combination of rotary knives both on bottom and top to obtain an excellent slitting result and save cost and time
Adjustable tension control to adapt to slitting material elasticity
Easy operation when feeding paper and slitting. (equipped with rulers on feeding & rewind shaft)
trim suction is installed on the machine to take away the waste edge paper


Model AS-320
Max Paper Feeding Width Max.320mm Min.30mm
Speed 75M/Min
Paper Code 3"

Max Rewind Diameter

Knife Set Upper knife 6 piece / Bottom knife 6 piece